Hospitals and hospital

Strategic planning

  • Macro trend estimate for 3-15y (pathology, treatment mix, …)
  • Recommendations on long-term planning decisions (e.g. network relations, infrastructure expansion, staff planning, …)

Operational process optimization

  • End to end outcome, workload and cost estimates
  • Scenario’s for improvement with impact simulation

Audits & benchmarking of divisions

  • Clinical, financial & academic performance benchmarking
  • Organizational set-up benchmark & assessment
  • Root cause identification & recommendations for improvement

Innovation strategy & approach

  • Definition ambition and role of hospital
  • Profit-sharing model hospital – doctor to give right incentives

Data & analytics

  • Insights & reporting, e.g. patient journey analysis
  • Predictive analytics cases, both process (e.g., no-shows) and outcome (e.g., re-admission reduction)

Companies active in or seeking entry in hospitals

Business case & economics

  • Market potential & size
  • Economics for all stakeholders involved (hospitals, payers, …) and options for value capitation
  • Revenue & profit potential estimates for company

Access strategy & offering

  • Key product / service offering components & potential complementary services
  • Market segmentation & most interesting targets
  • Win-win argumentation towards hospitals

Implementation approach

  • Launch tactics (including pilot approach)
  • Integration in patient pathways for optimal impact (volume, compliance, …)
  • Return on Marketing Investment optimization, marketing & sales approach improvement (incl. data analytics)

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